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credit-suisse-smCredit Suisse Virtual Volunteers:The CFI has an ongoing collaboration with a group of “Virtual Volunteers” from Credit Suisse. The 2013 program includes projects in the areas of Investing in Inclusive Finance, Financial Inclusion 2020, the Smart Campaign, and Financial Inclusion for Persons with Disabilities. In 2013, the Investing in Inclusive Finance team worked with a new group of virtual volunteers to create a comprehensive library of relevant tools, case studies, articles, papers, and other resources that currently exist on risk management in the microfinance industry. This Risk Management library was posted as a “Hot Topic” on the Microfinance Gateway library.

2012’s projects included developing consumer protection country profiles for the Smart Campaign and conducting research on cutting-edge child and youth financial inclusion efforts for Financial Access at Birth. In addition, the Investing in Inclusive Finance team worked with a different group of virtual volunteers in developing an online community for Council of Microfinance Equity Fund members. The aim of this project was to improve the communications and dialogue among CMEF members through improvements to the Council website and better utilization of social media.

The Virtual Volunteering program was launched in 2011, when volunteers supported four programs across the CFI.  During this inaugural year, volunteers conducted interviews with endorsers of the Smart Campaign’s Client Protection Principles to develop industry “spotlights.” In addition, the Investing in Inclusive Finance team led a group of virtual volunteers in investigating frameworks for social investing. Through extensive research and interviews with experts from the field, project participants uncovered the challenges and realities social impact investors face when investing in microfinance, as well as the progress and initiatives being made within the field.

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