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Making Microfinance Accessible to Persons with Disabilities: Awareness and Attitudes Among Indian Microfinance Institutions (May 2014) 
This research paper analyzes and presents the findings of an extensive research study that was conducted with v-shesh to uncover barriers hindering financial inclusion for PWD in India. The key stakeholders involved in this exercise were staff and senior management of MFIs, and disabled and non-disabled MFI clients. The research attempted to study and bring to light the thoughts, concerns, and reservations of these stakeholders on the question of onboarding PWD as microfinance clients. 

The Art of the Responsible Exit in Microfinance Equity Sales (April 2014) 
This joint CGAP/CFI report analyzes how equity investors can exit responsibly from microfinance institutions in which they have invested. “The Art of the Responsible Exit in Microfinance Equity Sales” provides a framework for development-oriented investors to use in evaluating their exit options and balancing their exit tradeoffs. Based on interviews with 50 industry experts and an analysis of six case studies of equity sales, the report explores the concept of a responsible exit along four strategic decisions: when to sell, who to sell to, with what conditions and at what price.

Seizing the Moment: On the Road to Financial Inclusion
FI2020 Synthesis Report
(October 2013)
In this report, we look at why financial inclusion matters and why we are confident it can be achieved in the foreseeable future . Through many conversations, we have learned that most of the solutions already exist. Innovative action is already happening, among organizations and companies large and small. We hope that the vision and way forward outlined here will help the actions of such stakeholders to build on each other to make financial inclusion a reality sooner than ever thought possible, and to enable financial inclusion to develop in a way that benefits the millions – or billions – of new clients

Opportunities and Obstacles to Financial Inclusion in Peru (October 2013)
Oikocredit Perú and CFI joined forces to carry out a country-specific version of the survey Opportunities and Obstacles to Financial Inclusion in Peru in 2012-2013. The study was carried out in Peru in three main phases. 1) First, an online survey asked senior professionals at major private and public sector institutions to rank a series of pre-selected Opportunities and Obstacles. 2) Second, experts with extensive experience in the local market commented on and validated the survey findings. 3) Finally, a series of in-depth interviews were held with a number of the most recognized and prestigious players in the local market. 

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Smart Campaign Publications

Implementing Client Protection in Indian Microfinance (November 2013)
This State of Practice Report represents an important step in understanding the state of client protection practices today in India, three years after the Andhra Pradesh crisis and two years after the Smart Campaign began its deep engagement with the sector. Results in this report are drawn from the activities conducted under the project that was implemented from June 2011 to November 2013.

Smart Saving and Lending: Member Protection in SHG Model (November 2013) 
This tool, “Smart Saving and Lending: Member Protection in SHG Model ” is aimed at SHGs, Banks and NGOs (SHPIs) that want to incorporate good protection for SHG members. Since, the majority of SHG linkages with banks are based on Model II of the bank linkage program (Bank –Facilitating Agency –SHG Members) in this tool an attempt has been made to map the process of the SHG linkage with the bank with NGO acting as a facilitator.

Study of Client Protection Practices in Latin America and the Caribbean (September 2013)
The Smart Campaign conducted a study on the client protection practices of 12 microfinance institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). This study looked at an assortment of organizations such as NGOs, banks, and credit unions in different countries, analyzing their client protection performance from the point of view of practitioners, offering recommendations to improve their client protection practices. The findings in this Study of Practices in LAC are intended to help stakeholders reflect on the current state of practice among microfinance institutions in LAC and how performance gaps can be addressed.

Smart Operations (September 2013)
Financial institutions must involve employees from every operational area in the effort to achieve adequate client protection. Rather than designating client protection as a “special project” to select employees, FIs should ensure that each department has specific client protection responsibilities. This tool suggests appropriate roles for 11 of the most common areas of microfinance operations. FIs can use this tool to assign client protection responsibilities to each operational department and to understand how responsibilities are shared among operational departments

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Accion Publications

The Financial Behavior of Rural Residents
This study – based on market research conducted in Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Peru – provides a detailed portrait of access, use and attitudes towards financial services by rural residents.

InSight #27: Accelerating Financial Inclusion through Innovative Channels
This paper outlines challenges that are holding MFIs back from deploying alternative channels and provides a roadmap for MFIs who seek to overcome these hurdles.

InSight #26: Best Practices in Collections Strategies
This InSight explores “best practices” and considerations that an MFI should take into account when attempting to successfully implement collections activities.

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Microfinance for Bankers and Investors
In this book, Elisabeth Rhyne demonstrates that providing financial services to the poor is a viable business prospect that allows investors to be socially and financially responsible. This book lays out a road map showing where and how businesses can invest in greater financial inclusion, guided by the stories of companies already leading the way.

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