CFI Inclusions - 2012 & 2013

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FI2020 Global Forum, October 28-30 in London - October 2013

This month's edition of “Inclusions” served as a precursor to the Financial Inclusion 2020 Global Forum, which convened in London October 28-30. The newsletter offers an overview and key details on the event, as well as highlights on select sessions and newly-confirmed speakers. Additionally, information on how to access and engage with Forum online media and conversations is shared.

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Launch of the Roadmap to Financial Inclusion - September 2013

“Inclusions” this month announces the launch of the Roadmap to Financial Inclusion. An initiative of Financial Inclusion 2020, the roadmap was created through an extensive consultative process in which five working groups - one for each of five particular priority areas of financial inclusion - developed a set of roadmap principles and recommendations to move financial inclusion forward. This newsletter further describes this process and the resulting roadmap.

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FI2020 Invites Nominations for the Global Forum - August 2013

This edition of "Inclusions" calls for readers to nominate themselves and others that they feel are good candidates to be participants in the FI2020 Global Forum. In addition to offering an overview on the Forum, the newsletter shares some of the speakers that had been confirmed to-date, as well as specifications on potential Forum participants.  

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Demographic Change and Implications for Policymakers and Providers - February 2013

This month's edition of “Inclusions” shares the release of a new CFI report, "Looking Through the Demographic Window: Implications for Financial Inclusion." The report examines current demographic trends and the unique opportunities they present for furthering financial inclusion. Also shared this month are our newly launched, interactive data tools, Data Explorer and Country Profiles.

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CFI in the New Year - January 2013

“Inclusions” starts off the new year by summarizing some of the Center’s key upcoming developments. A few highlights include Financial Inclusion 2020’s Global Forum, the launch of the Smart Campaign Certification Program, Investing in Inclusive Finance’s responsible exits paper, and Financial Inclusion for Persons with Disabilities body of “how to” disability inclusion knowledge for financial services providers.

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The Smart Campaign Announces the Start of its Certification Program - December 2012

The Certification Program – to be launched in early 2013 – employs rigorous standards and third-party evaluations to give providers of financial services for low-income people the ability to demonstrate that they take adequate care to protect their clients. This month’s “Inclusions” outlines Certification and the industry’s need for such a program.  

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The Global Appeal for Responsible Microfinance - October 2012

This edition of "Inclusions" highlights the recent launch of the Global Appeal for Responsible Microfinance. Led by Convergences 2015 and the Microfinance CEO Working Group, the Global Appeal is a landmark document that articulates a vision for a responsible and sustainable microfinance industry and outlines a path forward for all relevant stakehold.  

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The Practice of Corporate Governance in Microfinance Institutions - September 2012

This month’s edition of “Inclusions” announces the release of the new “The Practice of Corporate Governance in Microfinance Institutions” manual, offering an overview on these Governance Guidelines, why they were updated, and how they should be used. The Guidelines were put together by the Council of Microfinance Equity Funds (CMEF), a member organization of leading microfinance equity investors.  

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Risk Management is Essential All the Time, Not Just During Crises - August 2012

The risks posed to microfinance institutions have broadened with time, and so has the importance of their proper management. This newsletter describes the changing environment of managing risk in microfinance institutions and outlines how strong governance and leadership can help secure the industry’s long term health. 

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Introducing Client Protection Certification, and more - June 2012

With its bright new redesign, this edition of Inclusions introduces several new features and resources of CFI: development of the Client Protection Certification, the newest Microfinance Matters Interview featuring Alex Silva, and our newly revamped blog and website! 

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The Pathway towards Full Financial Inclusion - May 2012

Several key initiatives are getting underway in 2012 around the Center's Financial Inclusion 2020 program. This edition of "Inclusions" describes these upcoming projects and discusses the ways in which industry experts are creating a pathway towards global financial inclusion. 

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The 2012 Virtual Volunteers Assist in Building Financial Inclusion - April 2012

Volunteerism is a popular way for business professionals and employees of mainstream financial institutions to become involved in socially beneficial activities, such as microfinance. This edition of "Inclusions" highlights the importance of volunteerism and features the 2012 Credit Suisse Virtual Volunteers.

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Microfinance CEOs Envision a Road Map for the Microfinance Industry - March 2012

This month's edition of "Inclusions" features the Microfinance CEO Working Group, a group of eight CEOs from pioneering microfinance organizations who have come together to promote responsible microfinance. The newsletter highlights the group's mission and key initiatives.

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