Distribution of Solar Lamps Begins in Mali

> Posted by David Levaï

Unpacking Solar Kits in Mali

We are pleased to announce that today, on March 15th, the Center’s Energy Links Project received its first batch of 400 Solar Kits delivered to Bamako, Mali, and that distribution operations are beginning as we speak. This milestone comes at the heels of a year of efforts in identifying the right partners to establish a commercial venture and play the roles of importer and distributors. Energy Links has recently entered an agreement with HORONYA, a leading importer of solar material in Mali. The fifteen year-old company that had the desire to make solar solutions available to poor Malian households and it will be supported in this endeavor by a range of MFIs and NGOs with a network of savings groups as its retail channel, in particular to reach remote rural areas and off-grid households.
Each kit contains two LED lamps, a small, portable solar panel and a cell phone charger. Best of all, each kit will be sold for less than US $25! We understand that the price is within the purchasing power of most clients, but some will need a loan from their savings groups while a few others will be able to pay cash.
With 800 solar lamps on the ground and in Malian households, we are excited to bring improvements to people’s life by offering a low cost, fuel efficient, health friendly and environmentally friendly lighting source.
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