2011 Social Performance Report Reveals Large Support for Client Protection

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Today, social investor Oikocredit, will release the findings from the 2011 Social Performance Report, which compiles data from 495 microfinance institutions around the world. The report reveals wide support and adoption of client protection and social performance practices among many of the MFIs. 
An announcement of the report with some of the initial results, released on PR Newswire and Market Watch, begins as follows: 

Close to 500 microfinance institutions around the world have reported social performance data to private microfinance investor Oikocredit. The data, to be released today in Stockholm, Sweden, reflects the organization’s dedication to prioritising microfinance clients by advancing the analysis of social goals.

The report draws on 2011 data submitted by 495 of Oikocredit’s microfinance partners – a 20% jump in data participation since data collection began in 2008.

“With this many partners reporting social and financial performance data, Oikocredit has one of the most comprehensive social databases among microfinance investors,” says Oikocredit director social performance Ging Ledesma.

“The data shows our partners are increasingly committed to client-oriented practices. For example, the number of partners that have developed environmental policies and client satisfaction surveys has dramatically increased in the past two years.”

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Image credit: Oikocreditusa.org
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