5 Countries Where Microfinance Works

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Andhra Pradesh’s shadow is long, and particularly dark where it falls across the media. But beyond the bleaker headlines are stories of a different kind, about countries where microfinance is working.
The Center’s managing director, Beth Rhyne, this week published an article on this topic in The China Daily. It may cast a new light on microfinance for the newspaper’s nearly 400,000 readers, many of whom hail from Asia’s business and investor community.
Here are some excerpts from “Five Countries Where Microfinance Works”:

  • “Indian policymakers created a perfect storm for a microfinance shipwreck … MFIs, locked out of the ability to provide a range of services, had no other channel for growth than unbridled credit expansion.”
  • “Tiny Bolivia got many things right … competition between … strong institutions brought interest rates in Bolivia below 20 percent, among the lowest microfinance rates in the world.”
  • “Cambodia and Mongolia followed Bolivia’s example. Acleda Bank in Cambodia and Xac Bank in Mongolia … added savings and other services, offering a solid range of products.”
  • “Indonesia showed what a state-owned bank can do … Bank Rakyat Indonesia now serves tens of millions of clients, has been profitable since it began, and has never experienced a significant crisis of over-lending.”
  • “The government’s nurturing approach led the Economist Intelligence Unit to rank the Philippines second in the world in its “Global microscope on the microfinance business environment 2010.”

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