A Day in the Life of a Microfinance Banker

> Posted by Kelley Mesa
Blog Financial Maverick posted a “Day in the Life of a Microfinance Banker” yesterday. Financial Maverick follows Sanjena, a Swadhaar FinServ Relationship Manager in Mumbai, as he goes through his daily rounds and ends the day with an ACCION International training session.

financial_maverick_logo08:25 Morning stroll to the office
On his way through Bhandup, a major suburb of Mumbai, Sanjena is greeted by many nods and smiling faces. As a relationship manager at Swadhaar FinServ, one of the very few microfinance institutions (MFI) operating in the megacity of Mumbai, Sanjena is known by many people in this community. In the small office he shares with four other relationship managers at the Bhandup branch office, Sanjena sits down to plan the day which… Read more >

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