Building Financial Capabilities and Strengthening Institutions Through Customer-Centered Innovations

Enhancing financial customer engagement by building their capability


Launched in February 2018, in partnership with MetLife Foundation, this project aims to enhance financial customer engagement by building their capabilities.

CFI is taking the lead on activities in Eastern Europe, partnering with Microfinance Centre, a regional microfinance resource center and network of organizations in Europe and Central Asia, to develop and promote digital tools that FSPs can use to diagnose clients’ financial health, identify gaps, and develop actionable plans to improve financial well-being. Collaboratively with the Accion Global Advisory Solutions team, CFI is also working in Latin America to tackle challenges that keep low-income people from fully utilizing financial services. After initial workshops in Argentina, Chile, and Mexico, we will select six FSPs to design, test, and implement innovations that drive usage and improve financial capabilities.

CFI, Accion and the Microfinance Centre teams collaborate on a financial capability app for financial service providers in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, 2018.
Teams from CFI and the Microfinance Centre sketch concepts for financial capability tool.


We appreciate the support of our partners.

With support from MetLife Foundation, we are partnering with Microfinance Centre and Accion to implement this initiative in Eastern Europe and Latin America.

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