Mapping the Invisible Market

How will major forces such as demographic change, income growth, urbanization, and technology influence the evolution of financial inclusion over the next decade?


A close look at major forces beyond the strictly financial realm brings a fresh perspective to the financial inclusion debate. This project provides a quantitative lens on recent demographic, income, and other trends. It also projects these trends forward to 2020 and beyond. The projections illuminate the size and nature of the market for financial services at the bottom of the pyramid in the coming years. The analysis also reviews the current state of financial inclusion, using the new Global Findex data developed by the World Bank and Gallup.




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Credit Suisse is the founding partner of CFI and supporter of the Mapping the Invisible Market project.

Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse is a partner of the Center for Financial Inclusion. The Credit Suisse Group Foundation looks to its philanthropic partners to foster research, innovation and constructive dialogue in order to spread best practices and develop new solutions for financial inclusion.

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