Running With Risk Project


Running With Risk and Risk Management Initiative in Microfinance are no longer active. This is an archive page of past CFI programs. 

Running With Risk

The objective of the Running with Risk project was to create a common framework and language so that MFI board members can better execute their roles in managing risk. Through research, exchange and the development of publications with industry players, Running with Risk aimed to contribute to a more productive boardroom dialogue about risk. Ultimately, a stronger, more effective board presence related to risk mitigation will improve the health of MFIs around the world. The Running with Risk project developed and published Microfinance-a Risky Business, Ten Risk Questions for Every MFI Board, and the Governing Banks Manual: Microfinance Edition.


Risk Management Initiative in Microfinance (RIM)

Through the collaboration of industry thought leaders, this initiative focused on the design and use of risk management strategies to serve the microfinance sector. The goal of RIM was to contribute to the development of awareness, best practices, and appropriate standards for risk management in microfinance globally. RIM’s vision was to contribute to a socially-focused microfinance sector through which microfinance clients are protected from the impacts of internal and external risks inherent to the delivery of inclusive financial services.




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