Accelerating Developing World Growth through Entrepreneurship and Finance

December 13, Cambridge, USA

Innovation-driven enterprises (IDEs) have the potential to make a significant impact in solving problems in developing countries like access to clean water, sanitation, electricity and basic financial services. IDEs can also lead to significant job growth and broad-based prosperity. However, a key challenge is their reliance on outside funding for growth and scale. MIT Sloan School of Management’s Legatum Center for Entrepreneurship and Development is holding a conference in London on Dec. 13 to explore how to optimize IDEs’ access to entrepreneurial finance (at all stages of growth) and increase their chances of success. The event, Accelerating Developing World Growth through Entrepreneurship and Finance: A Conversation with MIT Sloan, will focus on the emerging and frontier markets in the Middle East and Africa. CFI’s Deborah Drake will be speaking on two panels: “Accessing and Funding Frontier Markets: The Opportunities and Challenges of Impact Investing in Africa” and “Afternoon Conversation: Aid and Trade to Support Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies”.