ACCION USA in today's American Banker

> Posted by Kelley Mesa
From the American Banker, “Microlender Accion USA Avoids ‘Antipoverty’ Pitch”

As the head of one of the nation’s largest microlenders, Gina Harman is leading the charge to expand the availability of credit to underserved communities in this country.
Just don’t say she’s helping poor people.
“It is true that microfinance is a means of lifting people out of poverty, but it, in and of itself, will not get the job done,” Harman, the president and chief executive of the nonprofit microlender Accion USA, said in an interview last month. “My concern is that this rush of public awareness does not make us yesterday’s fad. The American population can be a little fickle, so I don’t want to be fashionable. I want to endure.”

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