AFI Global Policy Forum Concludes With Declaration of the Sasana Accord

This year’s Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) Global Policy Forum (GPF) at Sasana Kijang in Kuala Lumpur concluded today with the AFI network launching the Sasana Accord. We wrote about AFI network countries’ commitments to the Maya Declaration a few weeks ago. The Sasana Accord further strengthens the effectiveness of these commitments, adding the layer of systemic assessment of impact to ensure quantifiable and measurable financial inclusion targets.

The fifth annual GPF,  the largest to date, brought together 400 participants from 80 countries, spanning senior policymakers, central bank governors, partners from international organizations, and key private sector players. Under the theme “Driving Policies for Optimal Impact,” participants discussed and deliberated on the optimal policy strategies by synergizing financial inclusion, financial stability, and consumer protection objectives. Here’s a video recording of the Forum’s final sessions – “Announcement of New Commitments to the Maya Declaration,” “Sasana Accord,” and “Closing Ceremony.”


In facilitating data-based and measurable results of financial inclusion policy and strategy, the Sasana Accord better positions countries to accelerate their progress towards full inclusion. The Accord lists out the following actions for countries to integrate into their commitments.

  • We will strive to achieve our commitments to financial inclusion through a set of measurable national goals.
  • We will measure our progress in financial inclusion based on common indicators as identified and quantified in the core set of AFI Financial Inclusion Data and will publicly release this information annually.
  • We will continue to work in a cooperative and cohesive manner to integrate the financial inclusion agenda into our countries’ policies and programs, and ensure the implementation of financial inclusion at the national level will contribute towards improvement of the underserved in the global community.
  • We will reinforce our institutional capacity and talent for formulation and implementation of effective financial inclusion policies that will deliver the optimal impact.

To read the full Sasana Accord, click here. To view video recordings of other GPF sessions, including “Maya Declaration: Raising Commitments and Measuring Progress” where our Managing Director Elisabeth Rhyne was a panelist, click here.  

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