African Microfinance Week

June 29 – July 3, Dakar, Senegal

At this year’s African Microfinance WeekAccion and the Africa Board Fellowship (ABF) program will be both participating and serving as conference sponsors. Additionally, during the event there will be an ABF booth and announcement to support conference participants learning about the new program. The Africa Board Fellowship connects board members and CEOs through peer learning and exchange to strengthen the governance of financial institutions serving low-income clients in sub-Saharan Africa. African Microfinance Week brings together microfinance providers, investors, technology providers, researchers, and members of associations and rating agencies to explore the future of microfinance, how to leverage impactful partnerships, the financing of institutions, and other key questions facing the industry. Organized by the regional African microfinance networks (AMT, AFMIN, AFRACA, MAIN), the theme of this year’s conference in “Accelerating Innovative Rural Finance in Africa”.