BBVA Interviews Mayada El-Zoghbi on Financial Inclusion in the Pandemic Era

The Spanish multinational FSP features CFI's Managing Director in its Responsible Banking content section.

EL-Zoghbi discusses how COVID-19’s economic shocks are affecting incomes, and elaborates on the population segments most vulnerable to pandemic-induced shocks.

She also describes why financial inclusion alone is not enough, and how financial inclusion – especially when paired with digitization – can help distribute support from humanitarian and governmental organizations to the base of the pyramid.

Furthermore, El-Zoghbi mentions the Microfinance Coalition’s calls to action aimed at awareness-raising among investors, donors and policymakers.

Lastly, she predicts that insurance products will see higher demand, and notes that the crisis requires collective action that goes beyond market-oriented solutions.

El-Zoghbi is a member of the Advisory Council of BBVA’s Center for Financial Education and Capability.

Read the full article here.


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