Dan Kleinbaum

Entrepreneur in Residence, DFS Lab

Dan Kleinbaum is a 2019 CFI Research Fellow investigating how fintechs and financial institutions are using APIs to reach underserved customers.

Dan is the Entrepreneur in Residence at DFS Lab, where he is supporting the next wave of fintech companies and helping build out the global fintech ecosystem. Prior to joining DFS Lab, Dan co-founded and served as the Chief Operating Officer at Beyonic, a payment aggregator offering streamlined APIs and other tools for businesses to connect to mobile money networks throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

CFI Research Fellowship Description

API-Enabled Partnerships Between Fintech and Financial Institutions

How do financial institutions use APIs and bespoke partnerships to partner effectively with fintechs to reach the underserved?

Financial institutions of all sizes are finding that fintech partnerships can help them reach underserved customer segments. These partnerships frequently involve the use of APIs to create the necessary connections and data sharing between fintech and financial institution. However, it may be especially challenging for smaller financial institutions to benefit from such connections. For these providers in particular, knowledge of the landscape of APIs, including their costs and benefits, is critical to their ability to remain competitive. Dan’s research will help financial service providers and investors better understand APIs—their types, costs, and benefits—knowledge they need to thrive in a competitive marketplace.

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