Francesca Bosco

Chief Strategy and Partnerships Officer, CyberPeace Institute

Francesca has an International Law and Human Rights background and 15+ years’ experience working for international organizations (United Nations and World Economic Forum) on action-oriented research, capacity building, and technical assistance in international justice, crime, and security. She has developed her expertise in countering and preventing cybercrime and misuse of technology, focusing on opportunities, risks, and threats created by new technologies (like AI, Web3, etc) specifically on vulnerable communities, like humanitarian and development NGOs. She has long-standing expertise in leading programs to foster cybersecurity and increase cyber resilience via cyber capacity building. At the Institute, she is leading the strategic engagement in programs and initiatives leveraging multistakeholder cooperation (with civil society, academia, corporates, philanthropy, and public institutions) to strengthen cyber resilience and secure digital transformation as an enabler to achieve the Agenda 2030 and SDGs goals.

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