Jean Tchiapi

CEO – VisionFund Microfinance Senegal

Jean is a former banker who finally got bored of working in an environment where budget, objectives and profits had become an obsession and considered pre-eminent to human and social values. When offered the opportunity, he gladly joined WVI/VFI in their mission: alleviating poverty around the world.

Jean has more than 32 years of experience in Banking/Finance along with 8 years in the Micro-finance Sector. He has worked for various banks, including Chase Bank Cameroon and Ecobank Cameroun and recently for the MFI RMCR (VisionFund) Mali, where he held the positions of Operations Manager, Country Head of Operations and CEO, respectively.

Jean holds a Post-Graduate degree (DES), in banking studies, from Institut Technique de Banque (ITB) Paris – France and an MBA, in Finance and Accounting, from Ecole Supérieures des Sciences Economiques et Commerciales (ESSEC) Douala – Cameroun. He is perfectly bilingual and demonstrates some proficiency in both French and English languages.

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