Larry Reed

Senior Fellow, RESULTS

Larry Reed is a 2019 CFI Research Fellow investigating how G2P (government-to-person) payments can be a more effective on-ramp for financial inclusion.

Larry is the Senior Fellow for Financial Inclusion at RESULTS, a citizen’s advocacy group seeking to bring about legislation and policies that contribute to the elimination of extreme poverty around the world. As an advocate for the expanded use of the Ultra-Poor Graduation Approach, Larry conducts research, writes articles and organizes events to help government leaders learn how to apply this approach to their anti-poverty social welfare programs. Larry also spent 13 years with Opportunity International, including five years as their Africa Regional Director and eight years as the first CEO of the Opportunity International Network.

Larry has authored the Global State of Ultra-Poverty, the State of the Microcredit Summit Campaign Reports from 2010 to 2016 and has contributed to several books on finance and the poor including “The New World of Microfinance” (Rhyne, Otero, et. al., 1996), “Serving with the Poor in Africa” (Yamamori, Myers, Bediako and Reed, 1996), “Globalization and the Kingdom of God” (Goudzwaard, 2001) and “More Pathways Out of Poverty” (Harris et. al., 2006).

Larry is a graduate of Wheaton College and the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. He and his wife Sandy have three children and three grandchildren.

CFI Research Fellowship Description

Improving G2P as an On-Ramp for Financial Inclusion From the Supply Side

How can financial institutions provide a set of accounts and services for G2P recipients in a profitable way?

With millions of people worldwide receiving G2P payments, the potential for this scheme to serve as an on-ramp for financial inclusion is great. However, as 2016 CFI Fellow Guy Stuart demonstrated, G2P schemes often fall short of this goal, serving largely as mere payment repositories instead of a tool for economic advancement. Larry’s research will provide insight from the supply-side perspective, looking at the incentives, costs and ability of financial institutions to build an on-ramp that turns G2P recipients into long-term, productive customers.

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