Milkias Teklegiorgis

Board Member – VisionFund Microfinance Ethiopia

Milkias Teklegiorgis is a founding member of VFMFI S.C., Ethiopia. Milkias has served in various committees of the Board of Directors, including the Planning and Risk and Audit committees. He has also served as Chair of the BoD in the past.

He studied business studies, management and received an MIS (MSc) from colleges in England, where he lived 8 years. He was a former member of the Chartered Institute of Management (CMI) of Great Britain.

He has over thirty years of professional experience in Senior Management in the private and public sectors, including executive positions in economic development and capacity building projects funded by multilateral and bilateral agencies. He has been involved in large investment decisions and successful implementation thereof. He has travelled widely to over 20 countries.

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