Misha Dave

Program Manager, Disability Inclusive Finance

Misha leads the Center’s program in India to ensure that persons with disabilities – one of the most marginalized groups in the world – are financially included. She develops partnerships with financial institutions, disability organizations and other stakeholders, and provides strategic advice and support to our global program on persons with disabilities.

Misha has over a decade of experience in labor market policy at the Government of Canada, where she was a senior policy advisor/analyst, responsible for designing and managing national programs on employment and skills development, Aboriginal policy and intergovernmental relations. She recently relocated to Bangalore, India to work on poverty alleviation, and brings expertise in public policy, program design, stakeholder relations and intergovernmental negotiations to the Accion team.

Misha studied management at McGill University, and holds a bachelor’s in political science and international relations from Carleton University. She is a world traveler, oenophile and trained sommelier.  In her down-time, you can find her hosting wine tastings, climbing mountains, studying architectural history, and supporting animal welfare.