Pansi Katenga

Board Member - Opportunity International

Pansi Mihowa-Katenga is the Country Director for Christian Aid Malawi and the non-executive Director for Opportunity Malawi. Pansi is passionate about community development with a focus on enterprise development, especially among women from disadvantaged backgrounds. She has worked for ADRA Zimbabwe, South Africa and UK. She has also worked in various United Nations Agencies (UNICEF, FAO and WFP) in Malawi and South Africa. Her experience in international development includes project design, monitoring and evaluation, food and nutrition security, food aid programming, education, economic development, and strategic planning. Her background has led her to design and implement frameworks in several African countries and Asia. She is an advocate of financial inclusion for women. She is also focused on analyzing barriers that prevent women’s participation in meaningful businesses. She holds a Master of Science in International Development degree from University of Bradford in the United Kingdom where she also studied various microfinance models as a poverty reduction strategy.

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