Radhika Agashe

Executive Director, ACCESS ASSIST

Radhika specializes in the thematic areas of financial and business education, microfinance operations, Self Help Group model, and social performance management through over two decades of experience in program implementation, development of content for training and communication, convening forums and policy dialogues and conducting social research. At ACCESS ASSIST, she leads the organization’s work in three broad areas — conceiving and leading field-based projects in financial and business capability building, providing technical assistance and consulting and convening the flagship Inclusive Finance India platform. She has coordinated various policy discussions and state of practice studies for promoting an enabling institutional and regulatory framework for financial inclusion in India. She has actively represented ASSIST on the India Responsible Finance Forum led by the IFC.

Radhika has in the past been associated with many organizations, such as EDA Rural Systems, BASIX, Intellecap, Action for Social Advancement and Sambodhi Research & Communications. She holds a post-graduate degree from the Indian Institute of Forest Management (IIFM).




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