Simone di Castri

Director of Policy and Ecosystem Development, BFA

Simone di Castri is the Director of Policy and Ecosystem Development at BFA. He is an expert in policy development for financial and digital inclusion, with a focus on emerging markets. He has worked with global standard setters, senior policymakers, regulators and private sector executives worldwide designing and implementing new policies to improve the efficiency of the financial sector and the digital ecosystem. He leads the policy and ecosystem development practice at Bankable Frontier Associates (BFA). Prior to joining BFA, Simone was the Advocacy and Regulatory Director for the Mobile Money program at the GSM Association. He also teaches a course on digital development and citizenship at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.He has also worked as Policy Analyst at the World Bank (CGAP). He is a lawyer and holds a PhD in Law and Economics.




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