Sulaiman Kikabi

Board Member – Opportunity Bank

Sulaiman is a licensed Legal Practitioner in Uganda specializing in
Corporate law and practice. He is also a member of the Ugandan and East African Law Societies. He has gathered a wealth of experience in Banking over the year shaving worked with profound financial institutions including Finance Trust Bank and Tropical Bank at senior levels. He is currently the Head of Legal and Company Secretary at Opportunity Bank. In all the institutions that he has served at, Sulaiman has been privileged to offer customized legal guidance, strategic direction and oversight of the Legal and Corporate Services function with a view to coherently manage legal risk and protect shareholder value while supporting sustainable business growth. Sulaiman has closely worked with the Opportunity Bank Board for two years now. Over and above the norm, Sulaiman aspires to steer the Bank to financial excellence through adoption of tried and tested governance practices for micro-finance institutions.

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