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Is Human Talent the Limiting Factor? Financial Inclusion, New Data and AI

The shortage of qualified data scientists has a ripple effect on financial inclusion beyond staffing requirements.

By Keyur Patel & Marshall Lincoln
Apr 03, 2019

Financial Inclusion Employees Still Figuring Financial Inclusion Out

Key terminology still flummoxes Washington, D.C., and Boston area experts.

Apr 01, 2019

"Winners Take All" and Financial Inclusion: Would the World Be Better Off If We Weren’t in It?

We may be exactly the type of organization Giridharadas criticizes.

By Laura Schroeder & Ezra Mannix
Mar 27, 2019

Rogue Mobile Money Agents and Black Market SIMs of the DRC: A Barrier to Financial Inclusion

The proliferation of rogue mobile money agents selling black market SIM cards in the Democratic Republic of Congo bogs down provision of high-quality financial services.

By Jenny Frydrych + 2 more
Mar 21, 2019

On Data, Let’s Anchor Ourselves in Practicality

To avoid getting swept away in the ocean of issues, those at the crossroads of international development and finance need to pursue actionable, evergreen standards toward data protection and rights.

By Ethan Loufield
Mar 19, 2019

Work Isn’t Just About Money: Universal Basic Income and Potential Benefits for U.S. Working Poor

There are a few reasons why a new universal basic income pilot in Stockton, California, is different.

By Rachel Morpeth
Mar 13, 2019

Want to Fix the Financial Inclusion Gender Gap? Ask Better Questions

We must identify underlying causes of gendered financial exclusion to improve financial services for women.

By Leora Klapper
Mar 08, 2019

Women and Financial Inclusion: What More Can We Do to Address the Systemic Barriers Women Face?

This International Women’s Day, CFI’s Danielle Piskadlo reflects on structural barriers to financial inclusion gender equality, and how digital needs to be more intentional.

By Danielle Piskadlo
Mar 08, 2019
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