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10 Essays for CFI's 10th Anniversary

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Welcome to the Next 10 Years

An Introduction to "10 Essays for CFI's 10th Anniversary"

Ten Years Gone, Ten Years to Go: Taking Inclusive Insurance from Adolscence to Adulthood

Inclusive insurance's unique moment to grow

Financial Services Through the Eyes of Customers

Reflecting on a legacy of learning about needs and wants

Getting Infrastructure Right for Financial Inclusion

The last 10 years has seen soaring successes and unfortunate failures. What's worked in the past gives key hints for future progress.

Getting Data Right

Opportunities to better deliver services using "big data" have grown exponentially the last 10 years, but merely hoping it will not be misused to the detriment of vulnerable customers is naive at best.

Getting Credit Right

The Promise of Inclusive Growth in the New Economy

Getting Policies Right in the Digital Era: Competition and Innovation as Policy Objectives

The introduction of new technologies and players is a game changer for financial policymakers, regulators and supervisors

Making Payments Better

We need a stronger value proposition for digital payments for small businesses and consumers so we can bury burying cash for good.

Bridging the Digital Gender Divide in Financial Inclusion

Partnerships are key to unlocking the potential of technology for the most excluded, especially women.

Why Financial Inclusion Matters

The future of finance is brightest when it provides valuable services to the broadest swath of society and the economy

The Role of Investors in Getting Inclusion Right

Money flows with great force toward places where it is most effectively deployed, so investors shoulder a responsibility ensuring that the undeserved are benefiting as well.

Announcing the 2019 Fellows: Researchers to Tackle Important Questions on APIs, G2P Payments

Dan Kleinbaum and Larry Reed will deepen our understanding of key issues surrounding application programming interfaces and government-to-person payments.

Topic Delivery Channels +3 more
By Tess Johnson
Jan 14, 2019

Addressing Digital Credit Risks in Emerging Markets

Alex Rizzi, Senior Director of the Smart Campaign, shares insights on consumer protection measures in emerging markets with the Center for Effective Global Action's Digital Credit Observatory.

Topic Consumer Protection +2 more
By Alexandra Wall
Jan 09, 2019

5 Reasons Small Merchants Aren’t Using Financial Services in Chile

Insights from Chilean micro-entrepreneurs can encourage better product design for financial service provider.

Topic Financial Capability +2 more
By Priya Punatar
Jan 08, 2019

Highlights of Last Year Provide Springboard for 2019

Here's a rundown of some major CFI accomplishments we seek to build on in the coming year.

By Ezra Mannix
Jan 04, 2019

Insurance: from Micro to Macro

"Easy to understand, valuable for the price, and straightforward to claim." Inclusive insurance in sub-Saharan Africa should be an inspiration for authors of byzantine insurance policies in the developed world.

Topic Inclusive insurance
By Peter Gross
Dec 20, 2018

Competition in Digital Financial Services: 3 Key Insights from the 2018 Global Microscope

The Economist Intelligence Unit found out that a diversity of players in e-money is key to a more inclusive ecosystem.

Topic Trends +2 more
By Monica Ballesteros Arias
Dec 19, 2018

Reflections on Digital Photos and Digital Money (With a Little Blockchain Thrown In)

Ignacio Mas ponders how benefits of digital money can be made as apparent as those of digital photography.

Topic Digital Financial Services +3 more
By Ignacio Mas
Dec 17, 2018

Add to Cart…an Amazon Loan?

A Bain brief suggests direct-to-consumer financial services from Amazon would be very popular. What could this mean for financial inclusion?

Topic Digital Financial Services
By Ezra Mannix
Dec 14, 2018
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