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DFIs, Financial Inclusion and the COVID-19 Response: A Q&A with Machal Karim of CDC

This is the third in an occasional series of interviews with professionals from development finance institutions, international financial institutions, and donor agencies supporting inclusive finance during these challenging times.

By Machal Karim
Sep 22, 2020

Implications of COVID-19 for the Most Vulnerable: A Snapshot of Views from CFI’s Advisory Council

The repercussions of COVID-19 will be varied and far-reaching. From food security to women’s economic empowerment and beyond, a sampling of CFI’s Advisory Council weighs in with thoughts on what some of the greatest risks may be and where to focus our efforts in response.

By Camilla Nestor + 3 more
Sep 17, 2020

The Time Has Come for Gender Transformative Approaches

Advancing women’s financial inclusion requires incorporating an understanding of social norms into the development of solutions that don’t just seek to bypass the barriers they present for women but instead to address them head on.

By Julia Arnold
Sep 15, 2020

MSMEs in Indonesia Are Surviving but COVID-19 Leaves Little Margin for Error

The data suggests a large drop in profits is being offset by reductions in employment, changes in business practices, and drawing down financial resources.

By Eric Noggle
Sep 10, 2020

From Crisis to Opportunity: How Can Lenders Help Build Resilient Agri-SMEs

Agri-SMEs play a critical role in food security, and COVID-19 is presenting them with a new set of challenges beyond those they were already facing. However, there are various ways in which lenders can support agri-SMEs in not only overcoming the immediate effects of the pandemic, but also in becoming more resilient to those that will come in the future. The solutions developed and lessons learned in this current crisis may serve to strengthen food security in the long run.

By Eda Dokle
Sep 08, 2020

Including Women Customers in “Inclusive Fintech”

New data helps to inform ways in which inclusive fintechs can advance women’s financial inclusion by tackling the gender gap in their customer base.

By Maha Khan & Carrie Ruh
Sep 03, 2020

Are Moratoriums Good Policy and Good for FSPs?

Moratoriums have been indispensable pressure valves during the COVID-19 crisis, but their implementation and effects have not been all positive. This post expands on a discussion about moratoriums in a recent CFI policy brief.

By Loretta Michaels
Aug 31, 2020

Including Women in “Inclusive Fintech”

Five observations, from data on early-stage fintechs, that shed light on current gender disparities in the fintech industry.

By Maha Khan & Carrie Ruh
Aug 27, 2020

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