BlueOrchard Investments CEO Comments on the 'Road Map for the Microfinance Industry'

> Posted by Meghan Greene
Jean-Philippe de Schrevel of BlueOrchard had this to say about the Microfinance CEO Working Group’s just-released “Road Map for the Microfinance Industry: Focusing on Responsible and Client-Centered Microfinance.”
Dear colleagues,
We have read your letter “Road Map for the Microfinance Industry.” We fully share your vision and commitments.
We too have endorsed all of these initiatives (Smart Campaign, MFTransparency) and we are participating actively in the Social Performance Task Force, to which we have offered feedback on the universal standards for social performance. Not only have we backed these initiatives, we are advocating for further endorsement by MFIs and other microfinance stakeholders.
Even more, we have incorporated these best practices into our social performance scorecard, SPIRIT (Social Performance Impact Reporting & Intelligence Tool). We also contributed our social performance data (over 100 MFIs assessed to date) to industry research initiatives examining the state of client protection in MF. (If you wish to read more about what we are doing on this front: Social Performance Report 2011) .
Like you, we believe that we must preserve the client-centered focus of microfinance.
We are pleased to read your statement and to support you in your undertakings,
Jean-Philippe de Schrevel and the whole BlueOrchard/Bamboo teams
Image credit: Sarregouset
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