Board Leadership for Impact Program Launch Workshop

Board effectiveness executive education for social enterprise leaders

Executives and board members participate in a group exercise in Cape Town, South Africa. Accion 2019.

We are convening a select group of social enterprise leaders at the Board Leadership for Impact Program (BLI) inaugural workshop taking place October 27-29, 2019, at the Fairview Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya.

BLI is dedicated to empowering corporate leaders in the social enterprise sector to achieve business growth and social impact. By focusing exclusively on executive leadership and reframing board effectiveness as a strategic imperative, BLI strengthens leadership and management to ensure these companies sustain business growth and drive social impact.

BLI is offered as a two-day interactive workshop where participants gather with faculty and facilitators for role play, simulations, discussions, and more. Workshops are augmented with a robust virtual portal where participants can access resources and videos, participate in discussions, and stay connected with hundreds of leaders in our global network. At this inaugural workshop, attendees will have the opportunity to engage with peers on issues critical to social enterprise growth and impact, including digital strategy and culture, data, partnerships and financial inclusion in the digital age.

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The Board Leadership for Impact Program is engineered to make strategic leadership come alive and resonate in meaningful ways. We can help you develop and sustain behavioral and institutional change so that your company can achieve business growth as well as social impact.

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