Board Leadership for Impact Program Overview

The Board Leadership for Impact Program (BLI) is dedicated to empowering leaders in the social enterprise sector to achieve business growth and social impact. Engineered to make board effectiveness come alive and resonate in meaningful ways, BLI re-energizes CEOs, executives and board members to develop and sustain behavioral and institutional change.

The Board Leadership for Impact Program (BLI) is designed for social enterprise leaders to learn and exchange ideas about issues critical to social enterprise growth and impact. In a two-day interactive workshop, participants will gather with faculty and facilitators for role play, simulations, discussions, case studies and more. By re-framing board effectiveness as a strategic imperative and focusing exclusively on C-suite executives and board members, BLI aims to strengthen the leadership and governance of social enterprises.

Our syllabus covers digital transformation and inclusive finance, but is grounded in board effectiveness—a foundational issue applicable to all companies, no matter its industry or maturity. Board dynamics, risk management and basic governance are baked into the program. Following the workshop, we help you stay connected through a dedicated virtual portal, where you’ll join hundreds of social enterprise leaders in our global network.

Join us! Walk away with valuable connections and new perspectives you can use to drive your organization toward greater growth and impact.


Board Leadership for Impact Program Overview

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