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Book-writing is partly about voracious reading, Alex Counts reminds us on his blog, which chronicles the process of penning a book about Haitian microfinance pioneer Fonkoze.
Counts, the CEO of Grameen Foundation,  most recently finished The Blue Sweater by Jacqueline Novogratz (Rodale, 2009) and The Social Entrepreneur’s Handbook by Rupert Scofield (McCraw Hill, 2011). (We previously gave a nod to Scofield’s book here on this blog. )
Counts joined other friends of Grameen Bank to set up Grameen Foundation in 1997. He was interviewed for the Center’s “Microfinance Matters” series. During his trips to Haiti, he has been meeting with microfinance industry leaders in general, and in particular with Fonkoze staff.
“Two Memoirs to Inspire and Educate Social Entrepreneurs,” his most recent post, begins:
I am returning from Istanbul, where I attended and spoke at a historic meeting of microfinance leaders from around the Arab World and from Turkey. A long layover in Amsterdam is giving me the opportunity to return to this blog while I prepare to head to Haiti via Washington and New York over the next two days. It has been a whirlwind fall for me, but my book on Fonkoze has never been far from my mind. Professor Muhammad Yunus, the founder of the Grameen Bank and my mentor, was the most recent person to ask me about it when we were driving to a university in Turkey where he gave a speech two days ago.
Loyal blog readers will recall that one of the things I have re-learned about book-writing is that part of the process is voracious reading. Not just about the subject matter of the book you are writing.  It is important to read books that can provide literary inspiration and/or a sense of what the reading public is responding to in terms of broadly similar titles (in my case, related to international social enterprise).
Please click the link to read the rest of “Two Memoirs to Inspire and Educate Social Entrepreneurs,” and remember that you can bookmark the blog or sign up for the feed to follow this book-writing endeavor more closely.
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