Bringing Light to MIV Performance

> Posted by Stephanie Dolan
For many years, information on microfinance investment vehicles (MIVs) has been hard to come by:  data was often available only to a fund’s investors and reporting hasn’t been standardized – until now.  MicroRate, a microfinance rating agency, announced today that it is partnering with the Luxembourg government and the Luxembourg Fund Labeling Agency (LuxFLAG) to launch LUMINIS Microfinance.  The new organization will collect, analyze, and share MIVs’ performance data in an effort to increase transparency among the investor community.
What does this mean for microfinance investment?

  • Investors will be able to better compare MIVs across a range of performance and investment metrics, with the end goal of making better-informed investment decisions. 
  • Trends in microfinance investment will be more thoroughly documented and more easily assessed and analyzed.
  • Thanks to the availability of more transparent and reliable data, MIVs may benefit from exposure to a broader investment audience, which could lead to increased funding opportunities. 

See the press release on LUMINIS here>