Building Coalitions for Healthy Advancement

> Posted by Brian Clancy

Center program director Deborah Drake with Advisory Council members Philip Brown and Brian Clancy

Center program director Deborah Drake with Advisory Council members Philip Brown and Brian Clancy

I’m delighted to welcome you to the Center for Financial Inclusion. The global microfinance movement is at a critical juncture in its evolution, and this initiative is an acknowledgment of both the opportunities and risks the current situation presents. The Center reflects an enhanced commitment to building coalitions to ensure our industry balances economic sustainability and social mission as it reaches scale.

We are pursuing this objective in several distinct ways. First, we have created two advisory groups to provide us with insights, direction and program support. I’m proud to join the Center as a member of its Advisory Council, where I am working with a distinguished group of major thought leaders in microfinance plus world-class talent from other disciplines who will play a major role in the industry’s development. We reached out to a truly remarkable group of people and were delighted and honored that they were willing to support this effort. Our Faculty Council is an equally distinguished group, made up of individuals who teach and pursue research in the field at top academic institutions.
Both of these groups are acutely aware that what got microfinance this far is not enough to move us to universal financial-services access for the world’s poor, and they are dedicated to working together to forge a path to that vital goal.
The Center for Financial Inclusion also includes a separate unit to support these efforts. This team includes project managers to address our first three focus areas: managing the double bottom line, opening capital markets to microfinance, and addressing service-delivery bottlenecks.
I want to thank everyone both inside and outside the Center and ACCION who have made this launch possible, and I am particularly excited about sharing with you our plans and deliverables as this important initiative gains momentum over the months and years to come

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