Center Advisory and Faculty Councils Meet in DC

> Posted by Brian Clancy
We recently had a very exciting couple of days for the Center and our partners during the meeting of the Center’s Faculty and Advisory Councils. When you bring the best people around a table you can expect to be challenged – and we at the Center celebrate that commitment to candor and continuous improvement!
The Center’s Faculty Council explored a variety of compelling initiatives and proposals including the creation of the first Microfinance textbooks at the undergraduate and graduate level, a summer internship research project, a consumer protection library, and microfinance education programs for executives and law schools.  Some of these are well underway and others just in the initial planning stages, but they all demonstrate the commitment and creativity of the faculty team we’ve been fortunate enough to assemble.  The remarkable institutions directly involved in the efforts above include Wharton, BU, Berkley, the Harvard Business School, Lehigh, and the Yale Law School. For a complete listing of the faculty council’s institutions, please click here.
The next milestone for the week was having our first joint session of the Faculty Council and the Advisory Council. This was a great opportunity to bring together the leading lights from academia, business leaders from global financial institutions, and thought leaders from the microfinance field.  As expected, the discussions were extremely insightful and we all agreed to include sessions like this in our annual schedule going forward.
Specifics covered in the joint session and the closed Advisory session that followed included the Center’s consumer protection initiative, a presentation on “Investing in Microfinance: New Challenges in the Global Meltdown,” and the research project partnering the CFI and McKinsey Consulting called Financial Inclusion 2020.  If I tried to cover everything discussed on these three important topics this blog posting would quickly evolve into a large book, but suffice it to say that we’re getting traction in each area and will share details as they move forward.
We’re really delighted with how both of these groups have come together in a relatively short period of time, but are also mindful of the scale and scope of what we are seeking to accomplish.  That said, I look very forward to keeping you updated on this adventure in collaboration and am extremely confident that it will contribute significantly to making financial inclusion a reality.
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