CFI, Citi, and Visa Inc. Launch Financial Inclusion 2020 to Accelerate Universal Financial Access

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We’re excited to pass on the news that today marks the official launch of the Financial Inclusion 2020 campaign, with the generous support of Citi Foundation and Visa, Inc. Readers of this blog are no doubt already aware of Financial Inclusion 2020’s ongoing work to advance worldwide financial inclusion by bringing together a diverse set of stakeholders to develop a Roadmap to Inclusion. Today’s announcement reflects the high-level support that the campaign is generating:

Pamela Flaherty, President & CEO of the Citi Foundation and Director of Corporate Citizenship at Citi, said, “Expanding financial inclusion is both a development imperative for underserved communities and a forward-thinking approach to unlocking the economic potential of new markets. Citi is pleased to take a leadership role in joining the Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion and Visa to convene longtime partners and invite new stakeholders to work together to create universal access to quality financial services and drive sustained economic growth.”

Bill Gajda, Head of Global Mobile Product, Visa, said, “We know full financial inclusion is achievable if the private sector, governments and civil society work together. Innovations such as mobile money will allow us to reach everyone, everywhere with financial services. Achieving full financial inclusion will not only improve the lives of billions of people, it will drive economic growth, accelerate women’s empowerment and remove a major obstacle in the fight against global poverty. The time is right for this initiative, and Visa is proud to join with Citi and the Center for Financial Inclusion in support of FI2020.”

To learn more, check out today’s Op-Ed in Business Insider, “From Davos: The Next Major Task in Global Finance” co-signed by Citi Foundation and Visa, Inc. on the launch of the campaign and why the time is right for a global movement toward expanding financial inclusion.

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