CFI Collaborates with the Dartmouth/Tuck Paganucci Fellows Program on Achieving “Financial Inclusion 2020”

> Posted by Kal Kuchimanchi
TuckThe Paganucci Fellows Program is a three-year old program at Dartmouth College and the Tuck School of Business that applies business problem-solving approaches to social issues. Since its inception, the program has been focused on microfinance as a vehicle for alleviating global poverty. Drawing upon the College’s unique combination of undergraduate excellence and professional school expertise, the program is designed to foster interaction among Dartmouth undergraduates, Tuck students, Dartmouth/Tuck faculty, and real world practitioners.
In 2007, the first cohort of Fellows focused their research on capital markets related to the microfinance industry. In 2008, the second cohort extended the scope of the research to focus on human-capital issues facing the microfinance industry. This year, the third cohort will apply the learnings to date through collaboration with the Center for Financial Inclusion at ACCION International. The Fellows will focus on developing the Financial Inclusion Score Card, a key element of the Center’s multiyear initiative “Financial Inclusion 2020.” The Score Card, when applied to different countries, will serve multiple purposes: provide a snapshot of where each country stands in terms of total financial inclusion, help track each country’s future progress towards full financial inclusion, and compare/contrast financial inclusion across countries.
This year’s cohort consists of James Wang (Dartmouth’10), Yilan Hu (Dartmouth’10), Christopher Kendig (Dartmouth’10), Kevin Jackson (Dartmouth’10), and Yang Wei Neo (Dartmouth’12). Arathi Seshagiri (Tuck’10) and I (Tuck’09) will act as program managers this summer. Throughout the summer, the fellows will blog about their experiences with the microfinance and CFI.
I wish to end this blog post with a brief introduction to myself: I grew up in Hyderabad, a southern city in India. After finishing my undergrad program in mechanical engineering, I moved to the US to pursue a Master’s degree in computer science. For the following five years, I worked as a software developer in NYC with two different financial services firms before joining Tuck. At Tuck, I discovered my passion for social entrepreneurship, especially microfinance. I feel excited to be contributing to the field in a meaningful and substantial way through the Paganucci Fellows program before I head out to NYC to pursue a career in investment banking. The past few weeks of work with the Fellows and CFI has been highly edifying. I look forward to continue learning from and contributing to the project this summer.
For more information, sign up for updates from the Financial Inclusion 2020 campaign.
Kal Kuchimanchi, a graduate from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, is the program manager for the 2009 Paganucci Fellows Program.
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