Cherie Blair Keynote: A Twitter summary

Cherie Blair, Founder of the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, opens the FI 2020 Global Forum’s session on Building a Roadmap to Financial Inclusion.

Photography by John Cairns

There was a great response on Twitter to Cherie Blair’s opening speech on Day 2 of the FI2020 Global Forum. Here is an overview of her talk as highlighted by tweeters…

Importance of the Roadmap to Financial Inclusion

@nxtstep2 #FI2020 Cherie Blair …Why is the Financial Inclusion Roadmap important? First and foremost because it was inclusive in its development.

Including women

@tkilara Does poverty have a female face? Cherie Blair makes a case at the Day 2 opening of #FI2020 

@safoz #FI2020 We came a long way since 1880s but still lot to be done for full inclusion for women

@SonjKelly That’s what we’re talking about today  – why can’t a woman be a person? -Cherie Blair #fi2020

@NandikaM If we are going to defeat poverty, we have to include women and design products targeted to low-income communities – Cherie Blair #FI2020

@nxtstep2 #FI2020 Cherie Blair “women are not JUST customers but NEED to be part of this industry in more meaningful ways …esp in emerging markets’

Women and mobile technology

@alexfiorillo “I am a techy. Technology should be also available to the women entrepreneurs around the world who are struggling” @CherieBlairFndn #FI2020

@helmshart #FI2020 why should only fortunate women benefit from the flexibility technology brings?

@AlexCounts Cherie Blair: ‘technology essential to empowering women’ @GrameenFdn study shows challenges… @CherieBlairFndn #FI2020

@Accion_Global Over 300 million women in EM don’t have mobile technology – but women make the financial decisions. –Cherie Blair, ‪#FI2020

Understanding and accessing low-income emerging markets

@SonjKelly The successful providers are going to be the ones who understand this [low income] segment best. -Cherie Blair #fi2020

@YouthForTech “Closing the access gap will result in better living standards not just for women, but for families and communities.”- C. Blair #fi2020

NGOs need to be confident and collaborate

@AlexCounts C. Blair- for fast #financialinclusion NGOs need to be more confident, collaborative & sharing of lessons #FI2020 #microfinance

@YouthForTech “The #NGO sector needs to understand that working together is beneficial.”- C. Blair #fi2020 #notZeroSumGame

@ThePERC Cherie Blair encourages “third sector” (NGOs) to collaborate and be confident. Not chasing single pot–together will grow pot. #FI2020

@helmshart #FI2020 “third sector” (NGOs) sometimes more reluctant than private sector and government to forge partnerships -Cherie Blair

Cherie Blair Foundation for Women – partnership with Visa

@VisaNews “Women not just consumers. Deserve to be business owners as well.” Visa partnership supports women mobile agents @CherieBlairFndn #FI2020

@e_MFP Cherie Blair: a (gender) balance board, a balanced workforce, a balanced customer base = successful business. #FI2020 @CherieBlairFndn

More women in the retail chain

@helmshart  #FI2020 more women in the retail chain, more women as customers — we can change the world, says Cherie Blair

@e_MFP Cherie Blair: a (gender) balanced board, a balanced workforce, a balanced customer base = successful business. #FI2020 @CherieBlairFndn

Mobile technology and literacy

@helmshart #FI2020 @sewa orders by phone multiplies income for poor women, financial inclusion can work for women who are not literate

@nxtstep2 #FI2020  ‘Micro entrepreneurs may be largely illiterate but they certainly are not ill numerate …there are always ways!  @CherieBlairFndn

@YouthForTech The use of mobile phones can improve literacy skills of women leading to #FinancialInclusion. #fi2020 #development

Education and financial literacy

@RaniYouthSavngs Cherie Blair at #FI2020: so much more we can all do in #financialliteracy – in schools for kids, by providers for clients

@YouthForTech “It is not just about access to financial services but we need wide #education education on how to use them.” – C. Blair #fi2020 #ICT4D

@nxtstep2 #FI2020 ‘there is so much more we can all do to ensure fin capability is developed & women’s specific needs prominent @CherieBlairFndn

Government collaboration and client protection

@helmshart #FI2020 partnerships with the private sector, enhanced by government, is needed — collaboration is key for success, accd to Cherie Blair

@e_MFP Cherie Blair: At the end of the day, we need to have client protection, and who else can make that happen if not government? #FI2020

A Regulation Challenge

‪@cmaneesha #cherieblair #FI2020 If we’re going to regulate mobile money the way we do traditional banking we’ll never have finance for the poor.

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