Client Protection Stakeholders Speak Out

> Posted by Alyssa Passarelli, Communications and Operations Assistant, the Smart Campaign

In early June, the Smart Campaign traveled to Panama for a Steering Committee meeting and a Certification workshop, back-to-back with the annual Social Performance Task Force meeting, an event attracting over 300 microfinance practitioners and supporters.


In between all of the meetings Neal Kennedy and Eric Zuehlke from the CFI communications team caught up with event attendees to better understand how stakeholders are using the Client Protection Principles (CPPs) and why they think the work of the Campaign is important. We are pleased to release a series of interview videos in which these partners, stakeholders, and friends of the Campaign speak about their relationship with client protection.

The first video from these conversations is a compilation of interviewees offering their perspectives on the necessity of client protection. Among the points discussed, the interviewees emphasize client protection’s crucial role for vulnerable and low income populations not well versed in financial services.


The second video, recently posted on the Smart Campaign YouTube channel, is an interview with Campaign Steering Committee member Essma Ben Hamida of Enda Inter-Arabe.

There is much more where this came from—expect new videos from the Panama trip over the next couple of weeks. The Campaign hopes that these videos from stakeholders continue to reach more viewers, expanding the conversation on client protection.

For further discussion from Panama, please stay tuned to our YouTube channel, here.

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