Clients on Client Protection

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Last week CGAP published post on their blog asking the question “Does Client Protection Matter to Clients?” The article highlights a recent study by MicroSave that asks clients for their opinions on the Smart Campaign Client Protection Principles. 
The post begins:
What do microfinance clients think about client protection? Do client protection principles really matter to them? In particular, how important are the seven client protection principles (CPPs) that the Smart Campaign has developed and are now adopted or endorsed by many microfinance stakeholders?
To answer these questions, MicroSave launched a study with 357 clients with seven financial institutions across three Asian countries- India, Bangladesh and the Philippines- between February 2012 and April 2012.
This study uses 2-6 questions to guide the discussion of each principle and rates the performance of the participating organisation on its adherence to the principles; and then facilitates the ranking of the client protection principles in the order of importance to clients. This post discusses the results from these three country studies and the way forward for client research on client protection.
1. ‘Fair and Respectful Treatment’ matters the most to clients, followed by ‘Transparency’. All the seven CPPs are considered important by clients in all three countries. However, when asked to rank them on their relative importance,  the following were the top two ranked principles:
Please continue reading this post on the CGAP Microfinance Blog. The full report from MicroSave can be downloaded here.

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