Deadline Soon! Harvard Business School-ACCION Program on Strategic Leadership for Microfinance

> Posted by Kelley Mesa


The January 15th deadline for the joint Harvard Business School-ACCION Program on Strategic Leadership for Microfinance is quickly approaching!
For the fourth year, this course marries the best in strategic business thinking with the most important advances in microfinance through:
  • An intensive immersion into the microfinance industry and the operations of leading microfinance institutions. 
  • Addressing key challenges of doing business at the base of the financial sector, including succeeding in highly competitive financial sectors, maintaining a social focus in a commercial setting, and evolving products and delivery channels. 
  • Engaging participants in discussing the experience of leading institutions through the case method approach, pioneered by HBS. 
  • Reviewing some of the most recent developments in microfinance, such as the Compartamos IPO and a video on the operations at ACCION partner, Mibanco, in Peru.

Executives from microfinance institutions, private sector commercial banks, service providers interested in expanding finance to underserved clients around the world are invited to apply now. Click here to learn more about the program details and admission requirements.