Delivering Financial Capability: A Look at Business Approaches

CFI Fellow Justyna Pytkowska explores how financial services providers integrate interventions to improve financial capability into their business model.

In this report, CFI Fellow Justyna Pytkowska outlines six strategies that microfinance institutions across Europe and Central Asia use to deploy financial capability interventions, and evaluates whether these institutions successfully integrate and sustainably fund these programs within their core lines of business:

  1. Income From Fees, Services or Materials
  2. Grants and Subsidies
  3. Absorption Into Marketing or Corporate Social Responsibility Budgets
  4. Integration Into Credit Processes and Routine Client Interactions
  5. Cost-Sharing Through Partnerships
  6. Use of Volunteers

This report unpacks these findings and highlights their implications for other organizations interested in developing their own financial capability programs for the benefit of microfinance clients around the world.




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