Delivering on the Promise of Financial Education: The Embedded Education Model

September 17, Washington, D.C., USA

Microfinance Opportunities (MFO) is hosting an interactive event to present the embedded education model and allow participants a chance to critically engage with the financial education approach. The embedded education model integrates activities at pre-existing client touch-points within services to build clients’ knowledge, attitudes, skills, and behaviors toward financial capability. Presenters at the event include Anne Miles, Director of Financial Inclusion at MasterCard Foundation, Lelemba Phirl, Managing Director of Zoona Transactions, Andrea Stiles, Director at Aval Consulting, and Guy Stuart, Executive Director of Microfinance Opportunities. The event will touch on topics including the challenges confronting financial education efforts, experiences employing the embedded education approach in Zambia and Ecuador, and the approach’s pay-for-performance financing model. For more information on the event, click here. For a joint MFO/CFI blog series on the embedded education approach, click here.