Director of Smart Campaign Featured in Podcast on Financial Inclusion and Health

The latest FinTech Insider "Insights" episode asks Isabelle Barres about the meaning of financial health.

Isabelle Barres, Global Director of the Smart Campaign and a CFI Vice President, was interviewed for the Dec. 21 edition of the FinTech Insider “Insights” podcast, which gives listeners an overview of financial inclusion, financial health and financial literacy.

The goal of financial inclusion is not only providing access to financial products and services, but also ensuring their usage improves financial health, she said.

“An individual is financially healthy when a number of conditions are met,” Barres noted. These include being able to balance income and expense streams, build and maintain financial reserves, plan for the future, manage existing debts, as well as the ability to plan for the future and plan for financial shocks along the way.

Barres also discussed CFI’s efforts to these ends. “What we focus on is mostly global issues related to financial inclusion and the extent to which we can foster a better ecosystem to encourage financial inclusion.”

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