“Does Microfinance Work?” A Compilation of Responses in Microfinance Gateway

> Posted by Holly Padgett
“Does Microfinance Work?” This question represents a very popular topic of discussion both inside and outside the microfinance industry.
One major milestone in the debate over this question has been the publication of David Roodman’s new book, “Due Diligence: An Impertinent Inquiry into Microfinance”.
For anyone who hasn’t been able to follow the conversations surrounding the book, CGAP recently posted, in Microfinance Gateway, a very interesting selection of blog posts, videos, and articles that were created in response to Roodman’s book. These response pieces not only raise questions about Roodman’s analysis, they also, more importantly, put forth ideas about the future of microfinance and the need for a more financially inclusive world.
As food for thought, CGAP’s post is a great place to 1) get an update on the opinions of important industry actors and 2) get a reminder of why financial inclusion is so very important.
To visit CGAP’s compilation in Microfinance Gateway, click here.
Image credit: microfinancegateway.org
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