Egypt's MFIs Carry on Amid Uncertainty, Hope

> Posted by Beth Rhyne
Several microfinance friends in Egypt have written the Center to let us know that during the recent protests that have shaken the country, they have remained safe.
Hassan Faried of DBACD writes that none of the physical assets of their institution or their customers have been harmed, but many customers have lost income because their businesses were closed for several days.  Despite this, collections have been close to normal and after a pause of several days, DBACD has begun disbursing loans again.  The ABA also has reported no damage. And Sanabel offices are operating, with planning underway for the annual conference, slated to take place in Jordan in June.
Even though messages from all our friends in Egypt have been brief, the emotion and intensity of the present situation comes through, with both uncertainty and hope.
The Center staff wishes to express solidarity with our colleagues in Egypt – and Tunisia – as I am sure our readers do as well.