Eight New Observations on the Aftermath of the Indian Microfinance Crisis

>Posted by Center Staff
Today we direct your attention to a thought-provoking post by Alex Counts, President and CEO of the Grameen Foundation. Alex has been in India reviewing the latest developments following the microfinance crisis in Andhra Pradesh (AP) in order to better understand the implications of that crisis on microfinance in Haiti (for his book on Fonkoze) and beyond.
An excerpt from the post:
…when I went to India I tried to free myself from preconceptions, and attempted to listen and observe with an open mind. I met with leaders of MFIs large and small, as well as other members of the ecosystem including consulting firms, industry associations, and the staff of Grameen Foundation’s wholly owned subsidiary Grameen Foundation India and our joint venture Grameen Capital India… Below is a list of eight things I learned that I did not know, or believe, before I arrived:

Read the whole post here:  alexcountshaitibook.wordpress.com
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