Ethiopia Training Marks Deepening Connections Between Smart Campaign, National Networks

> Posted by Laura Oyini
March saw a strong start for the Smart Campaign, which recently strengthened partnerships with nearly a dozen national African networks, widened the Smart Assessors program, and boosted endorsers’ skills in applying the Client Protection Principles (CPPs).
This progress took place in Addis Ababa, at a MasterCard Foundation-funded training that represented the collaborative efforts of the Campaign, the African Microfinance Network (AFMIN) and the Association of Ethiopian Microfinance Institutions (AEMFI). The 26 trainees were drawn mostly from 10 networks in Africa and one in Yemen.
Represented were:  AEMFI, AMFI (Kenya),  AMFIU (Uganda), AMIR (Rwanda), APIM Burkina Faso, APIM Mali, APSFD Senegal, APSFD Ivory Coast, Consortium Alafia (Benin),  Ghamfin (Ghana), and  MAMN (Malawi), as well as the Yemen Microfinance Network, CERISE (France), AFMIN, Wisdom Financial (Ethiopia), Terrafina, ACCION, and UNCDF.
The February 28 – March 4 training, which represents just one component of the Smart Campaign’s partnership with each network, combined instruction in using the CPPs with the “how-tos” of conducting Smart Assessments. Participants are now qualified to train their member MFIs to execute a self-assessment of CPP standards, which in addition to upcoming CP assessments, will provide the Smart Campaign with a better understanding of the state of client protection in Africa.
Image credit: Ondřej Žváček