FI2020 Week E-magazine: Themes, Highlights, and Calls to Action

> Posted by Hannah Sherman, Project Associate, CFI

Last month, CFI hosted the first-ever FI2020 Week, a week of global conversation to advance financial inclusion. We are pleased to announce that the week was a success, including 34 partners, over 300 participating organizations, and over 700 participants in hosted conversations, and resulting in over 100 calls to action. A new Financial Inclusion 2020 e-magazine sums up the week, with a focus on event highlights, social media activity, and calls to action.

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As we synthesized the many conversations across the globe in this e-magazine, we found a few themes emerging. First and foremost, there was global recognition of the role that partnerships play in moving forward financial inclusion. Participants discussed partnerships between government institutions, between the public and private sector, between researchers and providers, between banks and fintech companies, and more as essential to reaching financial inclusion. Second, there continued to be enthusiasm about the role that new technology plays and will continue to play in accelerating financial inclusion. Finally, and encouragingly, a number of conversations underscored the importance of financial capability-building, with a focus on how clients better understand their financial lives and make more healthy financial decisions as an important part of inclusion.

At most of the events participants engaged with the content of the FI2020 Progress Report, an interactive website that examines five major areas that are essential to global financial inclusion and scores progress on each on a scale of 0 to 10. It is possibly the most comprehensive look available today at the state of the financial inclusion movement and the challenges it must tackle next.

Throughout FI2020 Week, a broad social media campaign captured calls to action from stakeholders around the globe, highlighted key trends, and engaged individuals from all over the world. In this e-magazine, you’ll see some of the images, tweets, and quotes, as well as reports on the tremendous array of conversations that occurred during the first week of November.

Beyond FI2020 Week, this e-magazine also spotlights the FI2020 Inclusion Visualizer, a tool designed by CFI and powered by MIX, which is intended to manipulate, visualize, and download images of data related to financial inclusion. Data are drawn from publicly available sources (with thanks and credit to the World Bank, IMF, EIU, and others). The Visualizer allows users to see progress and trends in financial inclusion, excluded populations, and financial inclusion’s relation to larger development goals. Users can create their own charts with the ability to control variables and segment down to the country-level, or to organize data by region and income level.

To all of the FI2020 Week Partners who created such rich conversations, and to all of the participants who contributed to those conversations—a big thank you!  You’ve helped set a powerful agenda, and people around the world have taken note.

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