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FI2020 Week is a global conversation on the key actions needed to advance financial inclusion, grounded in the findings of the recently launched FI2020 Progress Report. From November 2-6, 2015, stakeholders around the world are participating in more than 30 events and sharing their voices over social media, with #FI2020.

FI2020 Week is upon us! Around the world, interactive and participatory events are underway to explore the most important steps to achieving financial inclusion. The range of events features representatives from banks, insurance companies, payment companies, telecommunication companies, policymakers, regulators, NGOs, microfinance institutions, investors, financial inclusion support organizations, financial capability experts, and fintech companies. Across events and participants, FI2020 Week’s focus is the calls to action generated from the guiding prompt: What is an important action needed in your country (or industry segment) to advance financial inclusion?

Below are some of the first comments by financial inclusion leaders. But first, here are some ways you can participate.

Join one of the 12 webinars hosted by Accion’s Channels and Technology team, Andares, AVAL, GSMA, the Helix Institute, IFMR LEAD, Innovations for Poverty Action, LeapFrog Investments, MicroSave, MIX, and the World Savings and Retail Banking Institute.

Check out the findings from the web-based FI2020 Progress Report—and see our high-level summary of messages in this new 8-minute video.

Vote on the state of the world’s progress toward inclusion as part of the People’s Vote on the FI2020 Progress Report. For example, we rated financial capability a 2, but the People’s Vote currently shows a more optimistic 3. What do you think? You can vote on any or all of the 5 areas that are vital to financial inclusion: addressing customer needs; client protection; technology; credit reporting & data analytics; and financial capability.

View the growing list of calls to action from FI2020 Week, here — and follow the FI2020 Week Storify feed capturing the social media conversation.

Submit your own call to action (and a photo if you can!) answering FI2020 Week’s guiding question, “What is an important action needed in your country (or industry segment) to advance financial inclusion?” You can share your submission on Twitter or Facebook using #FI2020, or, if it’s on the longer side, send it to Allyse McGrath ( Here are the first entries from a few financial inclusion leaders to get you started, as well as a particularly good tweet featuring World Bank President Jim Kim as an example of sharing via Twitter…



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