FI2020 Week to Convene Global Conversations on How to Achieve Full Financial Inclusion by 2020

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Today, CFI announced the upcoming launch of Financial Inclusion 2020 (FI2020) Week, taking place November 2-6, 2015. During FI2020 Week partners across the globe will organize and participate in conversations exploring the most important steps to achieving financial inclusion.

FI2020 Week will bring together diverse stakeholders to conduct interactive and participatory events, each of which will produce calls to action. The range of participants will include banks, insurance companies, payment companies, telecommunication companies, policymakers, regulators, NGOs, microfinance institutions, investors, financial inclusion support organizations, financial capability experts, and fintech companies, across multiple geographies. FI2020 Week participants will focus on the question, “What are the most important actions needed in our country (or our industry segment) to advance financial inclusion?”

FI2020 Week partners to-date include the following industry leaders: AVAL Consulting, BRAC, CGAP, Fidelity Bank Ghana, Freedom from Hunger, Good Return, Grameen Foundation, GSMA, Innovations for Poverty Action, Institute of International Finance (IIF), JP Morgan Chase, LeapFrog Investments, Making Cents, MetLife Foundation, Micropension Foundation, Microsave’s The Helix Institute, Pakistan Microfinance Network, Sightsavers, the Smart Campaign, and Accion.

Detailed descriptions of planned events are available here.

Become an FI2020 Week Partner

FI2020 Week events can take any form – an in-person meeting, seminar, or conference call – to facilitate the conversations you want to have about advancing financial inclusion. The purpose is to convene multi-stakeholder conversations to identify the most significant action steps to advance financial inclusion in your own context. For an FI2020 Week partner toolkit, click here.

Overall coordination of FI2020 Week is led by CFI through the Financial Inclusion 2020 initiative. The FI2020 Week website will feature live social media posts and photos from the events during the week, along with key recommendations, reflections, and findings from each conversation following FI2020 Week.

For more information, visit the FI2020 Week website:

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